Day 7

Oh crap! I realized that this is the last day and double-crap!  I was completely booked with other things to do.  I had official started this

challenge at 5 am on Sunday.  Therefore if I pulled an all-nighter I could possibly have enough time to finish by 4:59 am.

It was already dark when I started.  I made the decision to forget about multiple levels for now.  I also didn't implement visibility and line of sight even though I had the infrastructure for them in place.  I remembered Ido Yehieli had written an article about writing a simple roguelikefor Tuts+ and although his code was written in JavaScript, I was able to borrow and adapt rudimentary combat and AI routines.  Once I was satisfied that I had an at least somewhat playable game, I declared it done.  I built a release version for Linux, added a README, bundled everything into a zip file and uploaded it to with an hour to spare.

I'm fairly happy with how T.U.A.T.S turned out.  Altogether I spent about 36 hours on it, way short of the theoretical 168 I had available and it shows. After a short pause to recover, I will return to it and fill in the missing pieces

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